“three flat whites, a soy cappuccino,”

i always take lunch outside a monument.

“show him how to cut an avocado,”

imagine a year without steam.

whoever tiled this bathroom knew

nothing of the romans. “you should go

to the engineering museum.” i like him

but he doesn’t like me.

“come now for this year’s monster sale,”

all i wanted was some air, i’m going

to ring the bus depot. she’s nice

but she bows at customers.

“i’ve never known how to act in a gay bar,”

more casual than the key amongst lighters.

have you heard about how he took a broom

to a huntsman? the steps to the monument

are in crazy paving, i want to be the parody

of the great artist i could’ve been.

if i ever open a chinese restaurant,

i’m calling it wok n roll. “more sober

than your compatriots?” you’ll never find

the perfect pair.

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